In honor of national dog day, here’s a vid of my sister’s dog Buddy struggling to get inside. Hahahaha.

buddy does not know


Anonymous asked:

I think you screenshot 2 of my stories on snapchat lol I'm not sure if I'm confusing you with someone else tho

meatbicyclevevo answered:

yeah you’re the one that let someone blow smoke into a kitten’s face <3




Sure am lol

hhahaha nice!!!! here let me show every1!



What the hell is wrong with you? No, no really, I want to know what part of your brain is missing that would normally be there to say “hey, that’s pretty fucked up, don’t so that”.  You are hurting that innocent animal. That animal can’t say “no” or “stop” and it can’t tell you when it’s hurting, but trust me, just because you can’t tell doesn’t mean that it’s nonexistent. Marijuana when in a cat’s system can kill your cat. It causes vomiting, a slow heart rate, going into a coma, and seizures.

Think for a second. You are picking up an animal and forcing it to inhale a painful smoke into their lungs, which can damage the lungs and make the animal suffer if it has lung issues prior to inhaling or asthma. Don’t do it. Can’t you see that you’re hurting an animal that can’t make you stop, you are forcing it to suffer and that’s fucked up. You don’t deserve animals.

Please signal boost this, I want this fucker caught for possession of drugs and animal abuse.